Calgary West Soccer Club levels up community engagement with Youth Sports Media Group

With support from the Youth Sports Media Group (YSMG), the Calgary West Soccer Club rolls out a multi-platform strategy that is geared toward creating better engagement among players, coaches, sponsors and the wider community. YSMG also provides access to a network of resources for fundraising, video production, and metrics.


CALGARY, April 10, 2017 – The Calgary West Soccer Club (CWSC) is working with Calgary agency Youth Sports Media Group (YSMG) to ramp up digital efforts this year. The move is aimed at creating more opportunities for its members and engaging businesses and the public to support the local sports community.

In addition to a social media strategy, YSMG brings video production capabilities, analytics, as well as a new ‘Friends of Friends’ platform, where members can advertise services and products within the CWSC community.

“Working with the Youth Sports Media Group gives us the ability to provide more value to our members—from the players to the coaches—and the ability to engage the larger public community in a meaningful conversation,” says Mary Liao, Executive Director at Calgary West Soccer Club. “YSMG understands our goal to develop every athlete’s utmost potential and their services increase our players’ odds for success.”

Kicking off the initiative, the social media campaign rolls out at the end of April. YSMG focuses on increasing awareness, optimizing engagement and providing social metrics. CWSC members will also have access to YSMG’s video production capabilities at affordable prices. Services include videography for matches, training videos, as well as player and team profiles. Prices range from $250 for 90 minutes of tournament footage to $2,000 for team highlight videos.

“We excited to open more doors for our talented community of players in Calgary,” says Simon Salazar, Community Engagement Director, Youth Sports Media Group. “At YSMG, we believe consistent engagement and strategic messaging are key to increasing brand value and attracting opportunities.”

YSMG is a division of social tech company WeEmploy Inc., which connects businesses, non-profits and individuals together to facilitate the exchange of resources, skills, and services through a unique platform called SOS – System of Support. As such, CSWC will have access to SOS for fundraising possibilities and WeEmploy’s recruitment tech.



For further information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Precious de Leon

Community & Engagement Coordinator

WeEmploy Inc.


Steve Mix

CEO & CoFounder

WeEmploy Inc.



About Youth Sports Media Group

Youth Sports Media Group (YSMG) is a digital communications and sports marketing agency launched in March 2017. The company is a division of WeEmploy Inc. and is committed to helping increase the brand and market value of sports clubs and leagues, aspiring young athletes (with support from their parents), and coaches across Canada.

Digital marketing, video production, and fundraising support are among the benefits Youth Sports Media Group offers. The agency also delivers recruitment tools for sports clubs looking to hire paid and volunteer positions, through a partnership with social enterprise WeEmploy Inc.

Economic and social developments are priorities for YSMG. The agency delivers a portfolio of services that includes social metrics and analytics, content strategy, advanced player profiling, and communications for training, tournaments and various community events.

Social tech enterprise WeEmploy Inc. develops digital solutions and strategic services for charitable agencies, businesses, and individuals. Launched in 2015, WeEmploy’s flagship product is a recruitment tool that services businesses, nonprofit agencies, jobseekers and volunteers. The company also launched SOS (System of Support) in 2016 to address other levels of social impact. SOS provides services such as fundraising support, market and impact analytics, and marketing.

SOS is a community-centric platform that matches a charitable agency’s needs to resources within our digital inventory. It is a connector between agencies, enabling the exchange of information and procurement of resources. Currently, the SOS Community includes over 150 charities, 8,000 companies, and 100,000 individuals. It is partnered with the Tribal Chiefs Employment & Traning Services Association (TCETSA) to implement SOS until 2021.

Visit YSMG’s Facebook Page: and Instagram: .

Visit and Follow us on Twitter (@WeEmployInc, @JOBS_WeEmploy, @TheSocial_CEO) and Instagram (@WeEmploy, @SOSsystemofsupport).


About Calgary West Soccer Club

The Calgary West Soccer Club (CWSC) is an athlete-centred non-profit group that seeks to provide good technical development services for as low a cost as possible so that children that want to play soccer can benefit, not just the elite players or those who can afford it.

In 2006, the communities of Hawkwood, Tuscany, Bowness, RAC (Ranchlands, Arbour Lake, Citadel), RRRO (Rocky Ridge and Royal Oaks), and Norwest (Silver Springs and Scenic Acres) came together to form a club with the mission to provide the best opportunity for every player to develop their desired level of play for an affordable price.

The underlying purpose of CWSC is to provide a fun development-focused environment that keeps players playing. The Club believes in the principles of training methodology developed through LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development).

CWSC is a proud member of Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA), Calgary Women’s Soccer Association (CWSA) and Calgary United Soccer Association (CUSA). All three soccer-governing bodies are members of the Calgary Soccer Federation, which are in turn members of the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA). The ASA is a member of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), which is ultimately governed by FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football de Football Assocation). CWSC is, therefore, a fully sanctioned soccer club. CWSC also welcomes players from other communities as per the CMSA policy of open boundaries. ❖

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