WeEmploy Inc’s Steve Mix speaks at Kerby Centre’s Options 45


On February 7, WeEmploy Inc. CEO and Co-Founder Steve Mix was at Options 45, a weekly event held by the Kerby Centre for the 55+

shared insights and tips for job transitioning and strategic networking for individuals aged 45+. He joins speakers and volunteers providing one-on-one and group consulting, coaching and workshops.

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WeEmploy Inc. extends employment services and social initiatives in AAISA partnership

Steve Mix, left and Sid Mark with WeEmploy Inc. / Friday Professional Group were photographed in the company’s Calgary offices on Wednesday July 20, 2016. Gavin Young/Postmedia

As part of the collaboration, WeEmploy is servicing AAISA’s recruitment needs and is now be listed as a trusted source for employment services for a resettlement efforts across Alberta.

CALGARY, April 12, 2016 – WeEmploy Inc. is working with the Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (AAISA) to bring employment services internally and to its various social programs, starting with helping integrate and settle refugees throughout Alberta.

The move aligns with WeEmploy’s commitment to connecting every stakeholder in the community and its goal of becoming an all-encompassing employment platform for all types of job seekers, business owners and not-for-profit organizations.

AAISA now lists WeEmploy as a highly trusted establishment for employment and job placement needs, included the organization’s agency membership package.

“Lack of access to recruitment services is one of the biggest hurdles anyone can face when moving to a new environment. We hope that, by providing resources for a smooth transition, we are creating a better process for integration,” said Steve Mix, CEO & CoFounder, WeEmploy Inc. “We believe that our entire community of job seekers, businesses and charities benefit from an environment of multiple diverse connections.”

The partnership gives AAISA and its member agencies access to post job listings and hire staff and volunteers, who would like to help refugees learn about Canada and the city in which they reside.

WeEmploy is also connecting employers with suitable newcomer candidates. Newcomers will also be encouraged to create candidate profiles within WeEmploy’s database, which is accessed by over 100 businesses and more than 130 charities across Canada. WeEmploy will also aide AAISA in creating awareness for their upcoming RefugeeAlberta.ca information website via promotion and marketing.


“We have seen tremendous support from all over Alberta,” said Kali Readwin, Project Officer for Communications, Outreach and Strategic Partnerships for AAISA. “WeEmploy’s experience in social initiatives and their collaborative influence strengthens the services we can refer our member agencies to, which helps them to better serve newcomers. We hope to continue this collaboration in the long-term.”

RefugeeAlberta.ca is due to launch at the end of April 2016. Important Alberta-wide resources and information for volunteers, donors, refugee-serving agencies, private sponsors, and refugees will be featured on the site, funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.



For further information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Precious de Leon, Community & Engagement Coordinator, WeEmploy Inc.

403-4087767, Precious.deLeon@WeEmploy.com


About WeEmploy Inc.

Launched in April 2015, WeEmploy is an online recruitment company that facilitates the matching of employers and charitable organizations with individuals seeking employment and volunteer opportunities. Backed by over 30 years of experience, the company makes the recruitment process efficient and cost-effective. It also empowers the market with knowledge and expertise in staffing and recruitment, job boards, social recruiting, and volunteerism. Charities signed up to WeEmploy use services free-of-charge and have access to a supplemental fundraising tool, WeEmploy Rewards. To date, WeEmploy Inc. has provided over $250,000 in services to charities in Canada and the US.


About Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, the Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (AAISA) is a regionally and nationally recognized leader in the settlement and integration sector. As an umbrella organization, AAISA’s mandate is to build sectorial capacity by providing member agencies that serve newcomers access to relevant and meaningful professional development opportunities, to act as a liaison with stakeholders, and provide a centre for knowledge, expertise, and leadership. While AAISA is not a direct-service organization, its member agencies provide services to assist newcomers in becoming fully integrated members of Alberta society. Examples of services that AAISA member agencies provide include orientation, interpretation, counseling, employment services, educational assistance, and programs for immigrant youth.


Where are the jobs? This week in employment news so far.






Behind the doom and gloom figures in the economy are the people directly affected by the loss of income and career security. What does the future hold for job seekers in Canada? (March 22,2016)


Across Canada, employment and job security is on everyone’s mind. As we welcome spring season so will job fairs and trade missions bloom, or so it seems from this week’s news so far.


This week, Ontario announces its trade mission to China last November is continuing support the creation of high-value jobs in the province, touting global online photo community 500px as an example of its success.

The Toronto-headquartered tech company is set to expand its global operations and its HQ in Ontario. The company has already hired 14 new employees, reportedly as a result of a venture capital agreement it announced during the China mission.

The mission is expected to create 3,500 jobs in Ontario.

Ontario’s Going Global Strategy promises to help startups across the province tap into global markets. According to a government news release, it’s part of the provinces four-part plan that includes investing in talent and skills. The plan is also making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario’s history and investing in a low-carbon economy.


According to an article in Edmonton’s 630ched.com, research from the Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council show farms are currently short 26,000 workers.

The article quoted council member Debra Hauer saying the shortfall is Canada-wide, and that she hopes even those without farm experience would consider applying for work in farms.

“There are quite a lot of transferable skills between the oil and gas industry to agriculture, she told 630ched.com. “That includes all sorts of skills to do with mechanics, truck driving, logistics, all sorts of different types of skills.”

Growing the AgriWorkforce, The Canadian Agriculture and AGriFood Workforce Summit was held March 14-16 in Winnipeg. The summit encourages discourse among farm producers, food processors and private industry, as well as government representatives, educational institute representatives and industry stakeholders.

New Brunswick

Canada Jobs held a cross-country job fair at Fredericton in New Brunswick recently, as more residents there are reportedly finding jobs out of province, Global News reports.

Approximately 300 job seekers reportedly attended the fair, which focused on locally based job placement.

Global News reports the provincial government has pledged to create jobs in the future.

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2015 job numbers are ‘ugly, but stable’. What will 2016 be like?

Leaving 2015 on shaky ground, businesses must be bolder with diversification and innovation in 2016.

Alberta-Canada-unemployment-rateIn a Maclean’s report that looks back at 2015 job figures, columnist and business editor Jason Kirby shows a precarious balance between relief and anxiety. Among other things, Statistics Canada reported that 23,000 new jobs were added nationally–way above economists’ 8,000-job forecast. On the other hand, Canada’s overall labour market is still below average despite a surge in early 2015.

It’s not all bad news. Pockets of positivity can be found in public sector hiring, and in growth of self-employment. Maclean’s goes as far as calling the government ‘Alberta’s new job engine’, with its increased hiring in education and healthcare.

As for self-employment, the figures don’t differentiate from those who chose to start their own business or those who’ve had to go freelance because they’ve been unable to secure work.

Aside from the government, which industries are hiring? According to Huffington Post’s Daniel Tencer, fields like Hospitality, Financial Services/Banking, Real Estate and Information Technology continue to show growth.

A TriplePundit report by Bill DiBenedetto shows research that proves economic diversity is key to urban growth and productivity.

“Economically diverse cities provide residents some insurance against major economic downturns, globalization, changing legislation, and natural technological progress, each of which is likely to have a differential effect on various industries and occupations,” says Andrew J. Hussey, associate professor of economics at the University of Memphis, as quoted in the TriplePundit article. “A varied economic composition in terms of jobs can also draw a diverse mix of residents, which could lead to cross-pollination of ideas — or, at the very least, make life more interesting.”

As with any major events of change, there will be some degree of painful adjustment. But there is strength in unity and collaboration, and hopefully the promise of prosperity will  be enough of an incentive for us to get through this together.

What path do you see most likely for the Canadian economy this year? Let us know on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or comment below.

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