In an opinion piece on, Victoria Luck, managing director of influencer marketing platform Buzzoole UK talks about how charities should explore the wider opportunities of influencer marketing to further their short- and long-term goals.

“When it comes to charities, there’s a sense that most influencers will only get involved if the cause is personally relevant, potentially teaming up with an organisation pro bono. But in any case, moving into 2017 influencers will have to be entirely transparent about whether their work with charities was paid for. Ultimately, the power of this kind of content lies in its authenticity. A lack of disclosure, especially when associated with an emotive cause, can generate serious damage to both charities’ and influencers’ reputations.”

– Excerpt from the article

The article, which you can read at length here, mentions motivational speaker Simon Sinek’s misstep in labelling millenials as “entitled”, “narcissistic” and “lazy”. You can watch the 15:00 video here: