Nationwide expansion set for WeEmploy Inc. following Saddle Lake Cree Nation agreement

With multiple agreements in the works, WeEmploy Inc. presents new avenues to connect First Nation communities, government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit agencies.


CALGARY, ALBERTA, May 30, 2017 – Social tech company WeEmploy Inc. [] signed a service agreement with Saddle Lake Cree Nation [] this month. The contract sees the First Nation community receive workforce and market analytics, corporate consultation, and social development support for its growing community.

WeEmploy creates opportunities for government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to better support indigenous communities across Canada. In turn, First Nations communities are able to increase awareness and create opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship, or social engagement where it is most needed.

Services include career training, employment integration, recruitment support, market and workforce analytics, technology set-up support, social investment opportunities, digital marketing, and social engagement.

WeEmploy’s services also deliver advantages for:

  • Governments: Local, provincial and federal agencies can collaborate with WeEmploy to support people in need with access to need-based services
  • Businesses: Large, medium and small corporations that want to employ indigenous individuals and those that want to engage the community can work with WeEmploy.
  • Nonprofits: Agencies that are focused on providing resources and services for indigenous individuals, as well as for marginalized members of the wider community can strengthen their outreach through WeEmploy.

“We see a future where businesses are fully engaged with diverse communities—a place where there is more awareness about the value of such collaborations, from both economic and social perspectives,” said Steve Mix, CEO & Co-Founder, WeEmploy Inc.

The Saddle Lake Cree Nation kickstarts WeEmploy’s nationwide push to deliver economic and social development services to First Nations across Canada. WeEmploy is finalizing multiple agreements with other First Nation communities in Alberta. -/-

For further information or to arrange interviews, please contact:


Precious de Leon

Community Engagement Coordinator

WeEmploy Inc.


Steve Mix

CEO & CoFounder

WeEmploy Inc.



About WeEmploy Inc.

WeEmploy Inc.(TM) is a social tech enterprise that develops digital solutions and strategic services for charitable agencies, businesses, individuals, and most recently First Nations communities. We connect business and community influencers with the goal of creating mutually beneficial, sustainable, and innovative projects.

Launched in 2015, WeEmploy’s flagship product is a recruitment tool that services businesses, nonprofit agencies, jobseekers and volunteers. We offer a more efficient and affordable employment alternative. We also encourage volunteerism among job seekers as way to build skills and network.

In addition, WeEmploy addresses other areas of social impact through SOS (System of Support). Launched in 2016, SOS provides services such as fundraising support, market and impact analytics, and marketing. Currently, the SOS Community includes over 150 charities, 8,000 companies, and 100,000 individuals

Visit and Follow us on Twitter (@WeEmployInc, @JOBS_WeEmploy, @TheSocial_CEO, @HireIndigenous) and on Instagram (@WeEmploy, @SOSsystemofsupport).

About Saddle Lake Cree Nation

The Saddle Lake Chief & Council is committed with the guidance of elders to develop an effective Government structure that will enhance the culture, language, employment youth programs and wellness for the community members at the same time retain the Treaty Rights of the Cree Nation members.

Saddle Lake Chief & Council bases their Nationhood through Treaties established by their forefathers including the retention of lands, culture and language as the foundation of the Cree Nation.  The strength of Nationhood will focus on developing the youth to become good leaders and that economic development will be a priority so that members of Saddle Lake will be healthy and independent individuals. ❖



Where are the jobs? This week in employment news so far.






Behind the doom and gloom figures in the economy are the people directly affected by the loss of income and career security. What does the future hold for job seekers in Canada? (March 22,2016)


Across Canada, employment and job security is on everyone’s mind. As we welcome spring season so will job fairs and trade missions bloom, or so it seems from this week’s news so far.


This week, Ontario announces its trade mission to China last November is continuing support the creation of high-value jobs in the province, touting global online photo community 500px as an example of its success.

The Toronto-headquartered tech company is set to expand its global operations and its HQ in Ontario. The company has already hired 14 new employees, reportedly as a result of a venture capital agreement it announced during the China mission.

The mission is expected to create 3,500 jobs in Ontario.

Ontario’s Going Global Strategy promises to help startups across the province tap into global markets. According to a government news release, it’s part of the provinces four-part plan that includes investing in talent and skills. The plan is also making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario’s history and investing in a low-carbon economy.


According to an article in Edmonton’s, research from the Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council show farms are currently short 26,000 workers.

The article quoted council member Debra Hauer saying the shortfall is Canada-wide, and that she hopes even those without farm experience would consider applying for work in farms.

“There are quite a lot of transferable skills between the oil and gas industry to agriculture, she told “That includes all sorts of skills to do with mechanics, truck driving, logistics, all sorts of different types of skills.”

Growing the AgriWorkforce, The Canadian Agriculture and AGriFood Workforce Summit was held March 14-16 in Winnipeg. The summit encourages discourse among farm producers, food processors and private industry, as well as government representatives, educational institute representatives and industry stakeholders.

New Brunswick

Canada Jobs held a cross-country job fair at Fredericton in New Brunswick recently, as more residents there are reportedly finding jobs out of province, Global News reports.

Approximately 300 job seekers reportedly attended the fair, which focused on locally based job placement.

Global News reports the provincial government has pledged to create jobs in the future.

Are you looking for a fresh start? Or have a desire to level up your career game? Check out and look through our 600+ job and volunteer listings.

WeEmploy is the ONLY recruitment platform that provides free staffing and fundraising services to charities across Canada and the US.

-/- is looking for Impact INVESTORS and SUPPORTERS!

If you or anyone you know believe in companies that put social responsibility in tandem with business growth, then Steve Mix at and check out our investment presentation, investinWE:


Humanitarian Tom Jackson named WeEmploy Ambassador

Canada’s Minstrel with a Message aligns with WeEmploy’s principles of goodwill in business, as he promotes the power of participation, networking, and collaboration through a series of investinWE: Community Engagement Sessions.

Tom Jackson (centre) celebrates new agreement with Steve Mix, CEO & CoFounder of WeEmploy Inc. (right), and Sid Mark, COO & CoFounder of WeEmploy Inc. and President of Friday Professional Group (left).

Tom Jackson (centre) celebrates new agreement with Steve Mix, CEO & CoFounder of WeEmploy Inc. (right), and Sid Mark, COO & CoFounder of WeEmploy Inc. and President of Friday Professional Group (left).

CALGARY, March 7, 2016 – Accomplished Canadian musician and actor Tom Jackson brings his philanthropic prowess into his latest role as Ambassador for employment firm and social enterprise WeEmploy Inc.

The appointment reflects WeEmploy’s efforts to create more value for its members, providing enhanced networking and business opportunities in addition to expert employment services.

“We live in an extraordinary time of stress for many and it will take extraordinary commitment for us to work through it together,” said Tom, who is a strong advocate of social responsibility.

“I believe in the values that build the foundation of WeEmploy. It’s important for the business world to engage in what’s equally good for business, good for the world, and good for the soul.”

As an Ambassador, Tom lends his weight of influence, experience, and profile to WeEmploy’s network of non-profit organizations, job seekers, corporate subscribers, and investors.

In conjunction with partner company Friday Professional Group, WeEmploy will be hosting investinWE: Community Engagement Sessions. These will be focused on information exchange, networking, and exploring the possibilities for growth and advancement among attendees. At the events, Tom will share his insights on philanthropy; on fundraising; and in the strength of collaborative business. He might even play a tune or two.

WeEmploy will also have a dedicated community page for Tom and the monthly investinWE sessions. The events will be exclusive to WeEmploy members, with topics tailored to the interests of its attendees. The company is preparing for the first session, slated for the coming weeks. An announcement of the schedule is being finalized. Companies interested in joinining should sign up at or call 403-2330505.

“We are proud to welcome Tom to the WeEmploy family and we are excited with the world of possibilities that we are bringing to our community,” said Steve Mix, CEO & CoFounder, WeEmploy Inc.

“In line with our goal of providing the best in employment services, the engagement sessions are added benefits for our members. We are cultivating the connections between business growth and sustained employment, as well as its positive impact on the larger community.”

Tom has dedicated his prolific career to helping the less fortunate across Canada. From producing TV specials and benefit concerts to purchasing and selling beef for drought-stricken farmers, he has raised millions of dollars for various social causes, including poverty reduction and disaster relief.

“Twenty eight years ago, I lived in a crawl space, far below any poverty line. The creator sent me an angel, a man who was worse off than me. When I decided to help that man, I went from ‘Woe is me’ to ‘Whoa, it’s me!’,” said Tom.

“Over the past 28 years, I have been fortunate in that I am able to help the less fortunate. My team has generated over $250 million in cash and in-kind value for Canadians in need. As I continue down that path, let me say it is an honor for me to hold the title of Ambassador of this organization.”

A national icon, Tom has received nine honorary university degrees and numerous accolades from prestigious institutions such as the JUNOs, Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) and the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. He has also been appointed as an Officer of the Order of Canada for his music and humanitarian work and in 2014 was presented with the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement. ❖


For further information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Precious de Leon

Community & Engagement Coordinator      

WeEmploy Inc.


Steve Mix

CEO & CoFounder

WeEmploy Inc.



About WeEmploy Inc.

WeEmploy is a digital recruitment company that facilitates the matching of employers and charitable organizations with individuals who are seeking employment and volunteer positions. Backed by over 30 years of experience, the company empowers the market with knowledge and expertise in staffing and recruitment, job boards, social recruiting and volunteerism.

Breaking the conventions of the industry, WeEmploy leverages its intelligent applicant and network database to eliminate barriers between employers and jobseekers. Its rich, streamlined applicant database is designed to make the recruitment process efficient and cost-effective.

Charities within the WeEmploy network use services free-of charge while earning WeEmploy Rewards. To date, WeEmploy Inc. has provided services valued at more than $250,000 to charitable sectors in Canada and the US.

WeEmploy recently launched investinWE, as the company enters the next round of investments after a successful beta run that recorded hockey stick growth. Further investment will see WeEmploy scale its services, rolling out across Canada and abroad.


About Tom Jackson

For over 40 years, Tom Jackson has crafted an impressive career as an actor, singer, and producer. He has championed the marginalized while entertaining a continent of music-lovers, and theatre and TV audiences.

Born to an English father and Cree mother, he carries his parents’ legacy of openness and kindness. He founded the Huron Carole Benefit Concert, which raised funds for the less fortunate for 28 years. Tom has written a new book, 364-Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times, and has recorded 16 albums– the latest release is Ballads Not Bullets. Sales of both the book and the album support the Canadian Red Cross. He has also starred in shows such as Shining Time Station, Star Trek The Next Generation, and most famously, North of 60. Tom uses his celebrity to highlight issues in the community and he continues to promote community service, professional development, and global change.


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6 ways to avoid job scams

As if job hunting wasn’t hard enough, jobseekers also need to lookout for scams.

canadian-anti-fraud-centreWith many of us competing for jobs in an uneasy economy, scammers are taking advantage of the populace who just want to get back on the employment track.

It’s easy to say “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” The reality is that in times of uncertainty, like when looking for a job, the promise of rich rewards and our own desire to get hired can blind us from suspicious behaviour.

The Ontario Provincial Police created a page sharing tips and what to look out for to avoid employment recruitment scams. These include being wary of the use of “wrong grammar, spelling and wording” and odd phrasing.

This January, a jobseeker shared her job scam experience with the Red Deer Express. The publication’s Co-editor Erin Fawcett reported Donna Johansson brush with scammers, who posted fraudulent job listings on Kijiji and On the first instance, Johansson was able to suss out the fraudsters with their fake ‘corporate’ locations, which showed bogus addresses abroad and in Canada. On the second instance, another company was asking her to send copies of her personal ID and passport.

The news follows a CBC report by Janice Johnston in November 2015 that reported job scams are on the rise in Alberta as unemployment rates increase. In it, a fake business consulting firm ‘TipTop Energy’ that have scammed jobseekers in Alberta and Manitoba. At least ten people came forward to CBC and have filed cases with the RCMP, at the time of CBC’s report. The suspicious posting was listed on Workopolis, despite the site’s initial screening process.

How do you protect yourself against these ills?

1 – Do a background check on your background check. Creating a website ‘front’ is easy these days, so make sure that contact numbers, emails and company staff are all legitimate. Verify information about the interviewer and the company. The following are some examples of what you can do:

  • Check the company’s digital presence (their website and social media accounts).
  • Look for profiles of current and past employees online.
  • Browse for any news coverage or corporate releases by the company. 
  • Scan for reviews about the company and their services on sites like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Scan scam lists online.

2 – Be mindful of the details. Are they asking you to meet in a dodgy area? Is the company email from a free account? Are they asking you to pay a fee in advance? These are some red flags that the ‘company’ you are dealing with might be scamming you.

3 – Keep your personal info on a need-to-know basis. Make sure you clearly understand why the company needs the information they say they require to hire you. Don’t share your personal information (like bank accounts or passports), unless you are signing a contract with someone you have vetted. Note: companies will never ask for your passport.

4 – Go ahead and ask! Ask about everything. Make sure the company is transparent with you and that you understand what they’re all about.

5 – Beware of vague job descriptions. Legitimate companies are looking for candidates with a specific set of skills to fill a specific role. They won’t use vague, roundabout phrases to attract candidates.

6 – Use only trusted employment agencies and websites. Sites like, only carry job listings from companies with which our staff have been in direct contact. This puts an extra layer on top of paid subscriptions to our security measures.

If you come across a scam, report it to the RCMP and contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. You can also check out the latter for more information on other types of fraudulent behaviour.

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2015 job numbers are ‘ugly, but stable’. What will 2016 be like?

Leaving 2015 on shaky ground, businesses must be bolder with diversification and innovation in 2016.

Alberta-Canada-unemployment-rateIn a Maclean’s report that looks back at 2015 job figures, columnist and business editor Jason Kirby shows a precarious balance between relief and anxiety. Among other things, Statistics Canada reported that 23,000 new jobs were added nationally–way above economists’ 8,000-job forecast. On the other hand, Canada’s overall labour market is still below average despite a surge in early 2015.

It’s not all bad news. Pockets of positivity can be found in public sector hiring, and in growth of self-employment. Maclean’s goes as far as calling the government ‘Alberta’s new job engine’, with its increased hiring in education and healthcare.

As for self-employment, the figures don’t differentiate from those who chose to start their own business or those who’ve had to go freelance because they’ve been unable to secure work.

Aside from the government, which industries are hiring? According to Huffington Post’s Daniel Tencer, fields like Hospitality, Financial Services/Banking, Real Estate and Information Technology continue to show growth.

A TriplePundit report by Bill DiBenedetto shows research that proves economic diversity is key to urban growth and productivity.

“Economically diverse cities provide residents some insurance against major economic downturns, globalization, changing legislation, and natural technological progress, each of which is likely to have a differential effect on various industries and occupations,” says Andrew J. Hussey, associate professor of economics at the University of Memphis, as quoted in the TriplePundit article. “A varied economic composition in terms of jobs can also draw a diverse mix of residents, which could lead to cross-pollination of ideas — or, at the very least, make life more interesting.”

As with any major events of change, there will be some degree of painful adjustment. But there is strength in unity and collaboration, and hopefully the promise of prosperity will  be enough of an incentive for us to get through this together.

What path do you see most likely for the Canadian economy this year? Let us know on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or comment below.

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AMP Radio and WeEmploy Inc. unite to deliver landmark employment initiative to listeners


Partnership between two community leaders provides additional platform for awareness and engagement for companies and jobseekers in Calgary, across Alberta, and to all AMP’s listeners.


CALGARY, January 19, 2016 – Newcap radio station AMP Radio 90.3FM and WeEmploy Inc. today announced a collaboration aimed at revitalizing the job sector and bringing recruitment services even closer to companies and jobseekers.

“This alliance reflects AMP Radio’s focus on engaging its listeners and providing the support they need to advance their careers,” says Al Tompson, Operations Manager of Newcap Calgary. “Our partnership with WeEmploy goes beyond the traditional paid advertising service and puts our listeners’ needs at the center, particularly in this economic climate.”

The year-long employment initiative will see AMP Radio address challenges in job searching, and promote job availabilities from WeEmploy. Knowledge and resources will be shared on air and published across both AMP Radio and WeEmploy’s web presence.

WeEmploy plans to bring similar collaborative models to other interested media partners, nationally and globally.

“WeEmploy is always working to close the gap between jobseekers and companies. This new partnership aligns with our values and we’re excited to deliver our services to AMP Radio’s listeners,” says Steve Mix, CEO & Co-Founder of WeEmploy Inc.

Jobseekers can browse active job openings on a dedicated WeEmploy page on AMP Radio, which is also linked to WeEmploy’s jobs and community websites. They can also create a WeEmploy profile to access the over 600 live job and volunteer posts.

Companies looking to hire can subscribe for a flat flee and gain unlimited access to candidate profiles, and post an unlimited number of jobs on the network. The project includes AMP Radio’s interaction app, where users can receive regular updates.

This joint-effort was sparked by AMP Radio’s DJ Kav (Calgary’s DJ), when he discovered that WeEmploy is centered around creating meaningful connections and goodwill in the community. WeEmploy provides service free of charge to charities and not-for-profit organizations, and encourages jobseekers to sharpen their skills by volunteering. WeEmploy has so far helped 85 charities, in Canada and the US.


View the WeEmploy Page on AMP Radio.

View the AMP Radio Partnership Page.

For further information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Precious de Leon

Community & Engagement Coordinator

WeEmploy Inc.

Steve Mix

CEO & Founder

WeEmploy Inc.



WeEmploy Logo Official

About WeEmploy Inc.

WeEmploy is a digital platform that facilitates the matching of employers and charitable organizations with individuals who are seeking employment and volunteer positions. Backed by over 30 years of experience, WeEmploy empowers the market with knowledge and expertise in staffing and recruitment, job boards, social recruiting and volunteerism.

Seeking to break the status quo, WeEmploy leverages its intelligent applicant and network database to eliminate barriers between employers and jobseekers, at a competitive rate. Its rich, streamlined applicant database is designed to make the recruitment process efficient and cost-effective. To date, WeEmploy Inc. has provided services valued at more than $500,000 to charitable sectors in Canada and the US, having helped 85 charities so far in our rapidly expanding network.

As a social enterprise (company with purpose and profit), WeEmploy gives back by offering charities within the WeEmploy network free use of their services to post staff and volunteer positions; access to a database of work-ready jobseekers; and the opportunity to create community awareness for their cause.


newcaplogo1903AMP_WhiteBG - No Tag

About Newcap Radio

Newcap Radio is one of Canada’s leading radio broadcasters, with 95 licenses across Canada. The company reaches million of listeners each week and is a recognized industry leader in radio programming, sales, and networking. Newfoundland Capital Corporation, a Canadian broadcasting firm and the parent company of Newcap Radio.



AMP Radio unites with WeEmploy in employment push

Newcap radio station AMP Radio 90.3FM and WeEmploy Inc. have come together to revitalize the job sector and bring recruitment services even closer to companies and jobseekers in Alberta and across Canada.

Throughout 2016,  AMP Radio will be covering issues on recruitment and staffing. The station will also exclusively promote active job listings on, on air and through a dedicated WeEmploy page on

The partnership gives a new avenue for jobseekers to find paid and volunteer opportunities; for companies to save with WeEmploy’s $99 fixed annual rate to access innovative candidate-matching technology; and for charities to access recruitment services free-of-charge.

View the WeEmploy Page on AMP Radio.

Full details in available in the press release.

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