Mass decision-making software touted as tomorrow’s community barometer

Ethelo Decisions Inc. CEO and founder John Richardson (right) and Michelle Martin, the social enterprise’s Chief Marketing Officer. (Photo from

In an article on Metro Vancouver, Big Data stays firmly at the forefront of innovation. Ethelo Decisions Inc. is working on harnessing Big Data through an algorithm that produces a ‘Collective Intelligence’. In turn, this can purportedly be used to improve policy creation and corporate strategy.


Is Big Data really the future of government and R&D?


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5 digital marketing trends that will disrupt your business shares 5 digital trends that can help your brand stand head and shoulders above the competition.

“Marketing strategies such as social media outreach, search engine marketing, and web site pop-ups are yesterday’s trends. Every business does those now.”

Business consultant and freelance writer Peter Scott lists the following trends:

  1. Advanced marketing automation (ie Agile CRM)
  2. Data-driven marketing campaigns
  3. Crowd-sourced brand content
  4. Serious influencer marketing
  5. Global marketing for all (digital widens the scope and value of global campaigns further, weighed against the impact of localized campaigns).

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