Steve MixCEO & Co-Founder, WeEmploy Inc

In 2012, Steve Mix set out to fill a gap for an automated and affordable way to connect job seekers, employers, and charities. Following three years of R&D, WeEmploy Inc. was launched and received rapid adoption in the market.

The company’s unprecedented growth reflects Steve’s ability as a forward-thinker and his strategic yet tactical focus. He combines his multi-industry knowledge and entrepreneurial drive to continue delivering better ways to do business. Now, WeEmploy has expanded into providing full-service technological innovations.

Steve has more than ten years experience in Project Management, Logistics, Sales & Marketing, Staffing & Recruitment, Leadership Training, and Business Development. He is a skilled Employment Coach and Business Consultant. He has been invited on numerous occasions to share insights as public speaker and conference panelist. He is also a business and technology conceptualist.

In 2016, Steve has been shortlisted for Avenue Calgary’s Top 40 under 40, an annual list that recognizes the achievements of executives under the age of 40 years. WeEmploy has also received nominations for province-wide Small Business Awards.

Steve’s proven abilities were evident early in his life. He received a scholarship at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology), where he studied Business Marketing. He was also accepted into a coveted high-security position, working for the Justices of the Court of Appeal.

Born and raised Albertan, Steve’s entrepreneurial instincts were ignited when he worked for a Calgary-based tech startup that specialized in next-generation property valuation. Working closely with the Founder, Steve led the company’s Logistics and Distribution. He raised sales records while improving investor and client relations.

Seeking new challenges, Steve moved to one of Canada’s leading distribution and logistics companies. He worked alongside the president and helped maintain over $500 million in sales. Steve adopted expertise in international business, hosting high net-worth individuals and leaders of Fortune 500 Companies. He also gained experience in global distribution and business acquisitions.

Seeking new opportunities for professional growth, Steve moved to Friday Professional Group and led its Sales and Recruitment. Since then, he has reduced headcount and created more efficient and streamlined processes. With Friday being a WeEmploy affiliate, Steve continues to work with Friday, serving as a business connector and industry innovator.

His dedication to social entrepreneurship is reflected outside of work, as well. He is a member of the Executive Leadership Council for Enough4All, a poverty reduction project by Vibrant Communities Calgary–a WeEmploy partner. | LinkedIn | @TheSocial_CEO | @WeEmployInc | @JOBS_WeEmploy | @FridayProGroup